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our character is made by us; but, our reputation is made by others!

Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on customer service and pledge to do everything we can to help our customers with their surgical instrument needs. Continuously strive to improve all processes throughout the organizations’ facilities to achieve the quality required for our Customer’s Satisfaction. Our focus is surgical instruments. We have the systems, experience, and desire to help you save time, save money, and get great results.

Micro Endoscopy Surgical Inc. has over 25 years of experience, California as a complete source for all surgical instrument repair needs.

Our professional technicians having more than 20 years of experience. We offer quality repair service, professional and knowledgeable technicians, and exceptional customer support. We invite you to experience a true American quality and discover all your surgical instruments repair needs.

If you have a need in an instrument that cannot be found in the market just let us know-we will design and produce it for you according to your specifications.

We repair items that have been tagged as “non-repairable” by the OEM or other well-known independent suppliers everyday. It’s a waste to throw away your expensive equipment simply because lesser qualified vendors tell you it can’t be repaired. We can repair FAR MORE EXTENSIVE DAMAGE than anyone else in the industry, and as a result your equipment is rescued from premature replacement.

We routinely repair equipment rendered “obsolete” by the manufacturer which prevents costly and unnecessary replacement of perfectly functioning equipment.

Micro Endoscopy Surgical Inc.  wants to ensure that instruments and devices are ready when the surgical team is ready. We do this by helping facilities increase efficiencies in sterile processing, manage repair costs, identify and reduce instrument problems that can delay procedures, and effectively manage surgical trays.


5 sense –PPPPP’s (Proper, Prior, Preparation Prevents Perspiration) as well as 5 sense of human nature – Seeing, Hearing, Testing, Smelling, and Feeling

The Learning Process:

Work with actual instrument whenever possible, involve as many of your senses as possible in the learning process. Pick up on instrument and examine the details carefully, feel the serrations in the jaw and the shape. Say the name of the instrument.

Moving Up to Level Four.

Indemnifying the instrument is level one. Understanding how the instrument functions is level two. Knowing when the instrument is typically used in the procedure- is level Three. Understanding what would be an effective alternate instrument in the event the first choices douse not function satisfactory is level four. Surgical instruments are the forte of the surgical repair technologist.


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